Today the BBC paid attention to the role of climate scepticism in the debate. I was quoted several times.

I was quoted about climate sensitivity:

“In the last year, we have seen several studies showing that climate sensitivity is actually much less than we thought for the last 30 years,” said Marcel Crok.

“And these studies indicate that our real climate shows a sensitivity of between 1.5C and 2C, but the climate models on which these future doom scenarios are based warm up three degrees under a doubling of CO2.”

In a text box they gave a description of the situation in The Netherlands:

The Dutch approach to sceptics

With around 20% of the country under sea level, the Dutch have a keen interest in anything that might affect their environment, such as climate change.

But scepticism about the human influence on global warming has been growing in the Netherlands, according to research from the OECD.

In a country where consensus is a key word, the government has taken a more inclusive approach to climate dissenters. To that end, they have funded Marcel Crok to carry out a sceptical analysis of the IPCC report.

In an effort to build bridges between sceptics and the mainstream they are also funding an initiative called which serves as a platform for debate on the science of global warming.


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