Pavel Kabat van de Wageningen Universiteit stuurde me een uitnodiging voor deze op het oog interessante lezing aanstaande vrijdag:

Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Director of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA) Austria, will present some results of the GEA, a multi-year activity involving 300+ analysts from around the world, who has examined the major global challenges and their linkages to energy; the technologies and resources available for providing energy services; future energy systems that address the major challenges; and the policies and other measures to realize sustainable energy futures.

Date: Friday, the 19th of August 2011
Time: 1.00 pm until 2.30 pm
Location: Wageningen University, Atlas building, rooms 2 / 3 (route description).

More information:

To attend this event please contact

About the Global Energy Assessment
The Global Energy Assessment involves specialists from a range of disciplines, industry groups, and policy areas in defining a new global energy policy agenda, one that is capable of transforming the way society thinks about, uses and delivers energy and to facilitate equitable and sustainable energy services for all, in particular the two billion people who currently lack access to clean, modern energy.

Coordinated by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) the GEA is led by some of the world’s leading energy experts, in research, academia, business, industry and policy, representing both the developed and the developing world. GEA is the first ever fully integrated energy assessment analyzing energy challenges, opportunities and strategies, for developing, industrialized and emerging economies. It is supported by government and non-governmental organizations, the United Nations System, and the private sector.

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