I enjoyed watching Thin Ice, a documentary about climate science, that is freely available on the web for only a few days. The film is announced with the following introduction (bold mine):

In recent years climate science has come under increasing attack, so geologist Simon Lamb took his camera to find out what is really going on from his climate science colleagues.

This is misleading. At no point in his film Lamb tries to find out why climate science is under attack. He does mention climategate shortly (he interviewed Phil Jones before climategate) only to mention that he was cleared by four independent investigations. Not a single critic or skeptic is interviewed. A non informed observer would get away with the impression that there are no controversies in climate science at all. A better description would be:

Simon Lamb visits dozens of climate scientists to find out they are nice people and doing interesting work at extraordinary places. All these scientists are convinced that mankind is changing the planet and that we should do something about it.

Some well-known scientists are interviewed, like Myles Allen, Ray Pierrehumbert and Wally Broecker. Also lots of lesser-known scientists and technicians doing field work in the Arctic, at Antarctica or at sea. Have a look.


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