Lubos Motl

  • Pump and dump, manipulation
    by Luboš Motl on 14 mei 2021 at 06:53

    Wizard asked how did I reckon before Elon Musk is sent to jail. Well, I got already used to the fact that increasingly stunning examples of market manipulation are tolerated and I believe that it […]

Matt Briggs

  • Institutionalized Scientists Angry Amateurs...
    by Briggs on 14 mei 2021 at 11:00

    Crystal Lee of MIT—bio: “I work broadly on topics related to the social and political dimensions of computing, data visualization, and disability. I also conduct ethnographic and computational […]

The Breakthrough Institute


  • An apple a day kills 3.8 people from air...
    by Steve Milloy on 12 mei 2021 at 14:38

    The latest (EPA-funded) PM2.5 horror story is that PM2.5 from farm emissions kills 17,000 people per year. Thanks to PM2.5 science fraud, you can now even figure out just how “deadly” the food […]